To frame our individual research areas we would like to offer the following key words...

ALEXANDRA MAZUR-KNYAZEVA: Fire - Emotion - Destruction

KIM NORTON: Space - Site - Memories

MICHELLE DOUEK: Textile - Industrial - Perception

MINHYUNG LEE: Texture - Tradition - Skin

NAOMI BAILEY: Audacious - Mark - Movement

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Test pieces (Lee, Kim, Sasha )

Trials and test pieces although we will be moving back over to Central St Martins in the next few weeks we will be displaying some of our research material in the ceramics gallery during the summer and hoping to be back for Design Week in September.

Michelle's work in progress

Ken Eastman and Gordon Baldwin

Contemporary room

I felt as our time in the ceramics studio is drawing to a close it would be interesting to include some of the outstanding pieces on show within the space we have become fond of over the past 3 months or so.
The contemporary room is my personal favourite shown here are Martin Smith's work but the two pieces I'm drawn to are Gordon Baldwin and Ken Eastman's work. They sit together in perfect harmony and resonate a quietness. In fact this entire room as a quality of stillness to it.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Next week

Michelle and myself will be in the studio next week from Tuesday through to Thursday. Another kiln load should be ready to unpack by that time.
Some of those pieces will be Michelle's final pieces.

new models

The carved models came out of the kiln last week giving an indication of have these new forms are beginning to behave. Considering these are scaled down versions of what I'm hoping to be at least 3m high there is still along way to go. I'm currently in conversation with a materials scientist in Oxford to start to understand where the technical problems are likely to occur considering the scale. At this stage I believe this needs to be addressed before I plough on with further design work.